Women's Artist Gymnastics (WAG) - Invitation Only

The WAG Shine program was made to help the gymnasts push themselves, reach their goals and go further than they would ever expect. The gymnasts in this program must show a great amount of dedication, focus, as well as physical and mental fortitude.

Throughout their time in the program we focus on refining the technique of the gymnasts, while gaining strength and flexibility to develop our skills further. To reach the higher levels we aim for in the program, the gymnasts will learn other great life changing attributes, such as patience, resilience and how to correctly set goals to better themselves in their gymnastics, school and other ventures.

We attend a select number of competitions through the year to show off everything we have been working towards for the year. This includes internal, external and even regional and state competitions.

The gymnasts are selected for the program by standing out in their current classes, not just in their technique and strength, but in their attitude and focus in achieving their goals.