WAG Levels

The WAG Levels program goal is to help the gymnasts develop their physical and mental ability through a gymnastics levels program building on top of skills learnt year after year. This will build up their gymnastics ability progressively, always adding more and more challenges in for the gymnasts to learn to overcome.

Gymnasts in this program move up levels based on their current skill level, this way they can be proud of where they are and how hard they worked to get there. Through this, the gymnasts will make great friendships and learn how to achieve many things they think are impossible. To get there our quality coaches will teach these athletes how to develop their mind and body to be prepared for all kinds of different skills and obstacles.

The girls in this program have the opportunity to perform at our carnival day once a semester, or in level 3 and above a competition. We also offer an external competition every year for those gymnasts who are in level 3 or above.